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Everyone should visit Dungeness at some time in their life. Located between Dover and Hastings on the south coast of the UK, the area sticks out into the English Channel but is very flat and open.

Dungeness is home to one of the UKs nuclear power station, and an RSPB bird sanctuary. But it is the signs of the towns past down on the beach area that is breathtakingly eerie. Being so flat and open, the vistas are massive - but there is little to see. The houses are sparse and seem to stand in isolation in the middle of nowhere. The beach is littered with decaying fishing boats and fish smokers, connected by the rusting remains of tracks and engines that once would have provided the soundtrack to the fishing community.

Now, its rather quiet, still and desolate. It's like a post-apocalyptic scene, with the only sign of any real industry being the ever-present silhouette of the nuclear power station and the line of pylons leading away to the horizon.

But it is like nothing else I've ever seen in the UK or beyond. For me, it was breathtaking and I look forward to visiting again with a bit more time to enjoy the eerie desolation.

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