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I have a real fondness for Brighton. I spent a year there as a student, but was too focused on cheap lager and Pot Noodle to really appreciate the diversity of life that exists in different parts of the town.

The area around The Lanes becomes particularly colourful in the evening, but the North Laines are even more bohemian, with the rather interesting retail experiences being a particular draw. A recent overnight stay allowed me to see how the town changes as the sun goes down, and offered many photographic opportunities.

And then there is always the seafront, where away from the pier and the slot machines, the promenade evolves, especially in the cycle lane. The parents with their sensible bikes, bright safety helmets and babies in harnesses are replaced by bikes with no brakes and riders with hoodies, as well as skateboarders and plenty of walkers.

However, I was amazed by the number of bicycles chained to the railings along the seafront promenade. Some are ready for use at the turn of a padlock key, but so many are such in a sorry state of repair that it's clear they've been there a while.

I have to say, though, I was a little inspired by these and they may well be the foundation for a new series as I have a few other pictures of bikes chained to railings, so watch this space!

Without doubt, Brighton is one of the most colourful towns in the country, but there is so much more to see than just the pier and the beach. Go explore!

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