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St. Georges Hospital Tooting

I knew that a routine trip to St. Georges Hospital in Tooting, London, was going to involve some waiting around so I took my camera in anticipation. The brick fronted hospital wings with glass panels and shiny floors were, as you would expect, rather clinical.

A stroll around the perimeter of the site was more fruitful as I discovered the loading bays, plant rooms and engineers stores that help to keep the hospital operation alive. These areas were far more interesting, with a mix of textures, materials and angles giving a more interesting outlook than the stark public areas.

The architectural angles were complimented by the shadows created by the strong afternoon sun. Normally I dislike shadows and do my best to avoid them, but here I welcomed their intrusion as they add another layer of shape and form to the images.

There was also an abundance of signage, I guess to be expected in an area littered with hazards, along with every last inch of the place under constant surveillance by CCTV and security patrols.

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