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Alexandra Palace

Originally built in 1873 as an entertainment and sports venue, then later adopted by the BBC as a production and transmission centre for their new television service, Alexandra Palace is now a popular exhibition, concert and conference centre.

The main foyer displays a fantastic glazed roof and the building demonstrates Victorian architecture in all of its splendour.

Having had a good wander around there were parts that hadn't seen active service for a while, but the faded paint, rusty railings and weed-ridden paths added an alternative texture to the architecture.

The BBC antennae adds a very industrial contrast to the views from some angles, and as always, the infrastructure and service areas hidden away down alleys and behind gates always offer an interesting alternative to the magnificence of the public facades.

Ally Pally is definitely worth a visit - there's often something going on there (there was a street food festival the day I visited) and even if you're not keen on architecture, the view across London from its commanding location high on the hill is worth the journey on its own.

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