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Liverpool Docks

You'd expect an industrial location like major docks to be a little rough around the edges. You'd not expect images of warehouses, conveyors, machinery and shipping containers to grace the pages of the tourist brochures.

(c) Jon McRae Photography

Liverpool's Albert Dock has been transformed into a tourist hotspot, oozing a Bohemian vibe with its galleries, cafes and souvenir shops. But less than a mile away in distance, but a million miles away in atmosphere, is the start of the road that supplies Liverpool's docks - the real docks, the working docks where up to 2 million containers are taken from ships each year.

Some of the old buildings have been renovated for use as hotels, restaurants, etc, but many of the old warehouses, factories and workshops sit empty and redundant, and clearly have done form many years - possibly even decades. They all give a hint to their previous life, with peeling paint, collapsed roofs and the smell of oil in the air.

(c) Jon McRae Photography

Perhaps one day all of the buildings will be repurposed and given a new lease of life as swanky hotels, arts centres, or eateries. I just hope that the renovations are carried out sympathetically, and the original feel of the industry that once took place there is not lost forever.

See more of my photos from Liverpool Docks on my Flickr page

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