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South Bank

Jon McRae Photography - South Bank

So I went into London today to attend the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Varnishing Day activities, but rarely go into the capital without taking my camera with me. You are guaranteed to see the most diverse range of people in even the smallest of areas. You'll see on my Instagram feed photos of Londoners, whether permanent residents or the more transient occupants in the form of daily tourists.

One of my favourite areas of the centre of London is the South Bank, as the typical tourist vistas along The Thames are interspersed with less chocolate-box scenes of London's underbelly - the traders, the street performers, the infrastructure.

Sure, I enjoy the view of London's iconic skyline, and you can't beat it when viewed from an outside table in a restaurant with a pizza and a Peroni in front of you as the sun goes down, but the colourful gloss-painted railings of the top-side of London's bridges are often matched in interest by the industrial and structural rhythms of the underside, where real London life thrives in the shadows. And where in other areas you'd find 'No skateboarding' signs and authorities moving on groups of hooded youths, on the South Bank the skate park is a thriving hub of colourful and acrobatic spectacle that has to be admired.

It just goes to show, out capital is not all about Buckingham Palace and Big Ben - it's beauty runs deeper than that if you can only open your eyes to it.

Jon McRae Photography - South Bank

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