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Summer Academy 2020

Who wants to come along for the ride?

As everyone must know by now, my picture 'Room With A View V' was one of around 400 selected from over 16,000 entries to be displayed at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2019, and sold before opening to the public. The thrill and excitement of being selected despite these narrow odds is the reason why artists apply year on year. If selected, the chances of selling are quite high, and so purchase prices are generally inflated by the artists which also helps cover the extra costs involved and rather high sales commission.

This year, I have again submitted two of my photographs, new unseen images entitled 'Planta -1' and 'Up to G'. However, unlike last year, I have submitted these images as limited editions of 25, but have only permitted the RA to sell 20 of them.

Why? Because I want to give everyone the chance to buy at my regular non-RA price! I have held back 5 of each which are for sale at my normal price and available NOW from the Otters Pool Studio Print Shop. If either of the pictures is accepted by the RA for the exhibition, the price of that picture will increase immediately to the full RA price, which is about double my normal price. The RA announcement is made on 23rd May.

So, buy one now at my normal price, if it gets in it will be worth double immediately! If it doesn't get in, it'll stay the same, nothing lost.

Getting into the Summer Exhibition is not easy, and invokes a roller-coaster of emotions for the artist. So, who wants to come along for the ride?


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