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As seen at the RA - 'Room With A View V'

I wasn't going to release this picture until the end of the Summer Exhibition, but there have been exciting developments.

This is 'Room With A View V' - the picture selected from over 16,000 entries to be one of around 400 non-RA artists to be included in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2019. The original print was submitted as a one-off unique print, and was sold before the exhibition even opened to the public.

There has been so much demand for this picture that I discussed the possibility of printing a second edition with the buyer of the RA piece, and whilst his version will strictly remain a unique edition of one, he has agreed to me printing a second edition at a slightly smaller size and very limited in number to satisfy this demand. For this act of kindness, generosity and support, I am eternally grateful.

So, to be released next week, a 60x40cm version in an edition of only 25 copies. I already have an indication of commitment to about half of them. The exact date and time of release will be announced to my mailing list first - and then to posted to social media 24 hours after release, so if you want the best chance of getting hold of one, subscribe to my mailing list.

Room With A View V

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